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Propecia is one of the best product against hairloss and baldness. As Propecia is very expensive, it is more advisable to use Generic Propecia - it is exact the same product, but then you don't pay for the brand, like other generic drugs. Propecia Brand is 3x more expensive than Propecia Generic. The active ingredient in Propecia is Finasteride. In both the brand version of Propecia as well as the generic version of Propecia, there is exact the same amount of Finasteride, 1mg or 5mg.

There are several products for hairloss treatment and we make a quick overview here:

- Generic Propecia

- Propecia Brand 

- Rogaine 

- Minoxidil

- Finpecia 

All the hairloss supplements above are good working products. However somehow, Propecia is the most popular, but choose for yourself.

With our Free Shipping of Propecia worldwide and also to Australia, there is no reason not to buy Generic Propecia online!

Prpecia (Brand)
Prpecia (Brand)
Generic Propecia
Propecia Generic
Propecia Generic
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